The Permanent Witness

Beyond the granite stone wall, the brick and mortar, and the greenery of God’s creation

The Place of Purpose & Peace

The National Memorial for the Unborn is dedicated to serve those who experience loss and grief associated with the abortion of unborn children. By valuing the brief life of the unborn child with a permanent memorial in a place of dignity and respect, the National Memorial for the Unborn assists in moving from pain and guilt to forgiveness and restoration.

The 50-foot granite "Wall of Names" holds small brass plates with words of remembrance from individuals and families all over the world seeking post-abortion healing. By honoring their child, countless individuals and families have moved to freedom through this piece of confronting loss and affirming the worth of life – that which was lost and that which must continue and thrive.

Located on the grounds of former abortion clinic

Mothers came to this location until 1993 to deal with a difficult decision, often alone, certainly dealing with emotions and conflict, to end the lives of their unborn child.

literally born from the pain and loss of life to abortion

The National Memorial for the Unborn was literally born from the pain and loss of life to abortion. Caring individuals from ministries, churches, the pro-life community, as well as nameless supporters, prayed, united their hearts and their hands in action to miraculously purchase the building that was occupied for 18 years by the business that ended the lives of children in the womb.

A note was found in front of the building after the abortion business was vacated. Written by a broken mother, addressed to her aborted baby, this profound and heart-rending message went far beyond its intent as a gesture of grief. It was a cry for a place to heal.

A note was found ... written by a broken mother...

The Place of healing and closure, of tribute and dignity, of witness and hope resulted from a property redeemed – or purchased – from the business of death. The vision of the National Memorial for the Unborn came from pain and is now the purposeful Place to pay tribute to a life lost and to bring restoration to the lives to be lived.

Honor Your Child

Name Plate
Placed on the Wall for a child lost to abortion
Let's Forge One
Brick Pavers
Placed in the garden for a miscarried baby
Let's Bake One
Certificate of Life
Sent to the family for any unborn child
Let's Create One