Brick Paver

Brick pavers to remember miscarried children

Placed in Garden

Suggested donation: $55

Brick paver placed in the Memorial's garden with other Brick Pavers.

Shipped to You

Suggested donation: $65

Brick paver shipped to the address you specify in the order form.

Please Note

  • Please allow a 6-8 week turn-around period from the time your order is placed with the engraver.
  • No more than 20 characters per line, including spaces.

Pavers can only be mailed domestically within the US, not internationally.

Please provide us with the information necessary to create your brick paver below.

If you would like to be present for your brick placement or have a specific location of placement in mind please provide that information in the “Special Requests” section.  All information entered here is kept confidential and is used only for record keeping and the creation of your brick paver.

Order Form