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"I have a plate at NMU. It's meant so much to me to be able to memorialize my baby this way. I plan to make a trip to NMU one day so I can actually see it and touch it in person. Until then, I have the duplicate plaque that I keep close to my heart. I would definitely recommend NMU to others. In fact, I have told my post abortion support group about it! Some of them have been there already. Thank you so very much NMU for the service y'all provide!" -Kim


"I've known about NMU for some time but it has only been in 2014 that I realized that what I was missing was a closure event for my abortion involvement. Having a plaque on the wall, as well as on the virtual wall, is that event." - Greg


"I wanted my baby to have a name. And, to be recognized or acknowledged. The plate makes it real for me; that she is real and I ache for the day I get to hold her in heaven." - Sarah


"Thank you for providing a tangible expression of closure to a 20 year struggle of self-condemnation and striving to attain something that was always mine by God's grace forgiveness!" -Holly


"This means so much to me. Thank you, NMU, for making it possible for me to give honor to my "Noah" It is something tangible for me to have, yet expresses so much more in my heart than the mere words etched on this plaque. Thank you for providing a way for me to give dignity and honor to my child who deserved so much more." -Megan



"Just a few months ago, my husband and I found out that God had blessed us with a miracle baby! We were so excited. But just over a month ago I miscarried at 9 weeks. We were devastated, but were able to purchase a brick paver for our "Little Peanut." I mourn the loss of my precious baby but I KNOW that it is God's providence that provided a place like NMU where I can honor and remember my child! Thank you NMU for being such a huge part of my healing and recovery and for providing such a beautiful place to remember!" -Rebecca


"I realized that I deserved to mourn what was lost and this [NMU] was so important to my healing." -Julie


“I thank you for the opportunity to make a permanent record and to tell the world that my son did exist, if only for a while.” - a father


““We have grieved for this unborn child, and had no way of honoring or memorializing him/her. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.” –grandparents


"The National Memorial has been one of my favorite destinations as I travel the nation serving the pro-life movement."
"To have a place where families and friends of aborted children can process their grief, not just spiritually but physically, is absolutely essential to the cause of life and the healing of our nation."
    - Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, Pastoral Director of Rachel's Vineyard and Silent No More Awareness Campaign


“…as significant as the Vietnam Memorial. The National Memorial for the Unborn gives women who lost children to abortion a place to mourn. I’m pleased to be able to have a plate for my child.” -Carol Everett, former abortion clinic owner, current pro-life advocate


“Those who have created this beautiful memorial deserve our gratitude for helping Americans overcome the tragedy of abortion.” Gary Bauer, Chairman of Campaign for Working Families PAC and President of American Values


“…what a victory!” - Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family


“This memorial will stand, not only as a testimony for the sacredness of the life of the unborn child, but it will serve as a source of comfort and solace for those seeking forgiveness and healing because of the loss of a child through abortion.” -Cardinal O’Connor, former Archbishop of New York, pro-life advocate


“…an exciting development in the pro-life movement.” -Dr. D. James Kennedy, founder of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church and Evangelism Explosion


“I was so happy that…I stopped by the Memorial. It was a deeply moving experience. So I commend you for your courage and for your continued important work. We must continue to pray that we can somehow arouse the conscience of our nation. Efforts like yours are a very important stop in that direction.” -Charles “Chuck” W. Colson, founder of Prison Fellowship, The Chuck Colson Center for Christian World View, and daily radio commentary “Breakpoint”


“In this place of healing, the National Memorial for the Unborn, I stand with those who honor the worth of every unborn child as created in the image of God. I will strive, in the name of Jesus, to end this holocaust.” - Norma McCorvey, “Jane Roe” of Roe v. Wade, pro-life advocate


“I stand today in this place of healing, the National Memorial for the Unborn, and pledge to the memory of these innocent children, that as long as I have breath, I will strive to see abortion ended in America.” -Sandra Cano, “Mary Doe” of Doe v. Bolton, pro-life advocate

A Burden Lifted

angel-smallOne common need of families of aborted children is for a unique place of healing...a place where loss and grief can be shared with others who have suffered similarly, a place where the unborn can be honored and remembered in a tangible way, and a place of closure. Now there is such a place.

Honor Your Child 

Hope & Healing

counselingpromoAbortion can be one of the most traumatic experiences in a person's life.

You may feel hopeless and helpless, but you are not alone!

Counseling services are available to help bring healing and restoration.

Counseling Services

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